David & Amelio Auto Repair Parking Lot Improvements


Iskandar Design Studio (IDS) was selected to expand on an existing surface parking lot and improve storm-water management system to support the expansion. Our initial step began with the client’s vision on maximizing the real estate surface area development as positive return on the investment (ROI). With careful study of the existing site conditions, we were able to devise a schematic plan of the proposed development. Due to the proposed ~14,000 sf of new concrete surface area, the city of Sterling Heights, Michigan requested there be a complete analysis of storm water management study to ensure containment of run-off be on the premise. Working with our partner Mauro Engineering, survey and civil engineering firm, they were able survey the entire site and collect catch basin structures and invert data to re-create the existing site conditions, and provide a proposed site development.

Proposed Site Plan of Lot Improvement

Proposed Site Plan of Lot Improvement

The initial proposed site plan included addition of 2 new storm-water management catch basins, approximately 150 feet of underground 12 inch invert structure tied to city’s existing 9 foot main storm drain, new 100 linear feet of side walk facing Mound Road, 13,500 sq.ft. of new concrete surface area. and new landscape enhancement.

Because the neighboring lot to the south is zoned residential, the city had requested a fencing of some type for visual screening purposes, along the east property line of the residence, from the auto repair business program. Initially, the fence was proposed as a 6 foot tall masonry wall and foundation structure underneath supporting the wall. After having presented some ideas and options to the client about the screening feature, creating an edge of evergreen trees was the ideal solution. This approach resulted in a significant front-end savings for our client by eliminating the high cost of the 6 foot masonry wall and its structural foundation across 100 linear feet. Plus, the selection of the tree elements suited its existing landscape environment.

Fortunately, additional savings were captured on front-end once ground breaking had started. With the lack of available as-built drawings from the city, initial assumptions were made and signed off on the final drawings to tie the proposed underground storm-water inverts to city’s main storm drain. However, once site excavation began, contracted by DiMambro Construction, it was found that there was sufficient engineered underground storm structure for future development already existing. Because of this, Mauro Engineering was able to take the findings information and quickly reassess the engineering calculations. It was concluded that there was no need to tap into the city’s main drain, therefore eliminating the cost of additional sections of new storm inverts all-together.

This was a great project to capture significant savings for our client, and also maximizing value in real estate for ROI, as well as maintaining suitability for surrounding neighbors and environment by use of appropriate landscape features.