What is BIM?

BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling. It is the most powerful technology which makes building design, construction, and maintenance easier and data rich. It is a smart approach to 3D modeling delved with complete information about the entire building. Integrating BIM into projects will yield efficiency, information accuracy, and data intelligence inherently benefiting on ROI potentials.


Who are BIM Users?

  • Owners

  • Architects

  • Civil Engineers

  • Structural Engineers

  • Contractors

  • MEP+F Engineers

  • Interior Designers

What is the Benefit of BIM?

  • Reduces Rework.

  • Improves Productivity.

  • Provides Vast Amounts of Building Information.

  • Strengthens Decision Making.

  • Reduces Conflicts and Changes During Construction.

  • Clash Detection and Avoiding Rework.

  • Visualize Final Design Prior to Construction.


BIM Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions to bridge the gap between virtual design and construction and realization of the project. Through our industry expertise and commitment to higher standards, we can deliver quality service that provides great level of detail, collaboration, and productivity. Our MEP systems coordination experience provides great insight and understanding of industry used BIM Execution Plan (BXP) to collaborate effectively among other discipline designers and contractors. We work with engineers and contractors to understand the challenges of the project, and provide informed decisions to achieve minimal rework time, mitigate RFI’s (Request for Information) during construction coordination, minimize project costs, and ensure conflict-free project.

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